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The National Bar Association must have a clear vision focused on actions and programs designed to change the outcomes of African Americans in the legal profession and bring about measurable progress. The next leader of the National Bar Association must be prepared to strengthen the financial foundation of the National Bar Association.

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The Vision & Leadership

The National Bar Association is the oldest and largest African American Bar Association. We must once again become the Nation’s pre-eminent voice on issues impacting the advancement of African American attorneys in the legal profession. We must be prepared to meet the challenges and the fight for the civil rights of the African American Community. I will lead this Association with a clear focus on “Balancing Justice and Effecting Change.”

Increase NBA Revenue

The NBA mission includes protecting the civil rights of the African American community, as our members have recently shown, ...

Criminal Justice Reform

In the American criminal justice system, wealth—not culpability—shapes outcomes. Many people charged with crimes lack ...

Reforming Policing in America

Police violence directed at Black people is a legacy of our history of racial injustice.

Willie Brown an American politician of the Democratic Party. Brown served over 30 years in the California State Assembly, spending 15 years as its speaker. He later became mayor of San Francisco, and was the first African American to hold that office.



Active Member Of The National Bar Association since 2010

My name is Terry Wiley

I am ready to lead this esteemed Bar Association on day one.  I have been a champion of justice, and have tirelessly fought to balance the scales of justice.  California's Silicon Valley and other Business Centers across the Nation present a great financial opportunity for the NBA; I am uniquely positioned to capitalize on the opportunities on behalf of the National Bar Association.  I will continue to place the development of NBA members through quality CLE’s, developing professional opportunities for our members, and placing high importance on the continued development of our young lawyers. 


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We are at a critical time in American history and if this country is going to finally realize its promise, it is going to be with the assistance of black lawyers and the NBA needs to remain at the forefront of that change. In order to do that, the NBA needs a leader who can bring together our best and brightest from all areas of the legal industry. Terry Wiley is that leader. Terry and I worked together to build bonds between the NBA and leading tech companies in Silicon Valley which helped secure over $100,000 in new financial commitments to the NBA. If he is elected NBA President-Elect, I'm confident that his combination of integrity, hard work, and vision will bring increased financial commitments allowing the NBA to reach new heights as one of the leading bar associations in the world.

Jaron Shipp | Facebook | Associate General Counsel | Law Enforcement & Security
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Terry’s intellect, character, legal acumen, and dedication to service make him an ideal candidate. I am happy to support his campaign.

Charles Hamilton Houston III In-house counsel with experience in compliance, litigation, contracts, corp governance, M&A, FCPA, and international law

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