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Candidate Statement

My name is Terry Wiley and I’ve been a active member of the National Bar Association since 2010.  I am an Assistant District Attorney with the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office in Oakland, CA.  I have been with the District Attorney’s Office for 30 years having served in a variety of positions including, Head of the Felony Trial Team, Head of our Nationally recognized Juvenile Division, the first African American to head our Recruiting and Attorney Development Division, and currently, only the second African American to ever head the Wiley Manual Courthouse in Oakland, Ca.  For several years I handled some of the most complex criminal cases in California, including the largest police corruption case in Bay Area history, known as the “Rider’s Case.”  Police officers were accused of planting evidence on people, beating suspects, and falsifying police reports.  The case resulted in the Oakland Police Department by agreement of the City of Oakland, being placed on Federal Oversight by Federal Judge Thelton Henderson, a former Special Assistant to U.S. Attorney Robert Kennedy. 

... ready to lead this esteemed Bar Association on day one.

I have a long history of commitment to the National Bar Association, the legal profession and active involvement in community service.  I truly believe I am the most qualified candidate to lead the National Bar Association.  I have actively served my local NBA Affiliate, the Charles Houston Bar Association, and as President of CHBA in 2002, the NBA Annual Convention was held in the Bay Area, and we received the NBA “Affiliate Chapter of the Year” award.  I currently serve as an advisor to the current CHBA Board of Directors.

I have shown the ability to attract people of the highest caliber to the NBA.  In 2011, at the NBA Annual Convention in Baltimore, I was the organizer and presenter of the Professional Sports Panel that included National Basketball Players Association President Billy Hunter, National Football Players Association Executive Director DeMaurice Smith, and Major League Baseball Players Association President Michael Weiner .  It was broadcast live by C-SPAN and received national attention because at that time, the NBA Players were on strike and comments by NBPA President Billy Hunter made national news.      

In 2015, I served as an advisor to NBA President Pamela Meanes on Criminal Justice issues and wrote several criminal justice legislative bills.   We developed the NBA’s “Know Your Rights” program and traveled to 25 cities from coast to coast, personally touching communities all over the Nation.  I have served as Chair of the NBA Criminal Law Section from 2010 to 2018, providing Criminal Law CLE Programming for the NBA Annual Conventions.  I have personally been a Criminal Law CLE Instructor at every NBA Convention since 2010.  I have served on the NBA Board of Governors since 2014, first elected to a two-year term as Member-at-Large and in 2016 as Vice-President of Regions and Affiliates, and in 2017 as Vice-President of Membership.  These positions on the Board of Governors have provided me with valuable insight and experience of the inner workings of the NBA.

In 2016, I was contacted by State Bar of California President Dave Pasternak who informed me that I was being appointed to the State Bar of California Board of Trustees, serving the nation’s largest State Bar Association. The Board of Trustees was responsible for managing a budget of 146 million. I served on several important sub-committees on the Board of Trustees as we tackled a complex reorganization.

In 2016, American Bar Association President Linda Klein appointed me to the prestigious Criminal Justice Standards Committee. I was recently asked to return for a rare third two-year term. In April 2018, the NBA held a three-day Technology Conference in San Francisco, where I led the Bay Area’s preparation for the conference.  I personally negotiated Sponsorship of the NBA by Apple Computer, who traditionally are a very difficult company to penetrate.  My negotiations resulted in Apple Computer hosting all NBA Conference attendees at their new headquarters in Cupertino, Ca.  At the end of the evening Apple Computer General Counsel Katherine Adams handed NBA President Juan Thomas a $25,000 check.  More importantly, Apple Computer agreed to be a gold sponsor at the NBA Convention in New Orleans.  Apple Computer also agreed to interview NBA members in New Orleans for an open Associate General Counsel position with their company.  I was also able to get Baker McKenzie, one of the nation’s largest law firms to sponsor the NBA Board of Governors meeting at the Fairmont Hotel on Nob Hill.  At the end of the three-day conference the NBA received combined funding from Apple Computer and Google, Inc. totaling $100,000.  Apple Computer contacted me a month later to inform me they would host an off-site reception at the Convention in New Orleans for NBA members.  As a result of the successful weekend in Silicon Valley, I was asked to assist the NBA Convention fundraising committee where I was part of a team effort and we successfully landed several major sponsors for the 2018 Annual Convention.    

I am ready to lead this esteemed Bar Association on day one.  I have been a champion of justice, and have tirelessly fought to balance the scales of justice.  California’s Silicon Valley and other Business Center across the Nation presents a great financial opportunity for the NBA; I am uniquely positioned to capitalize on the opportunities on behalf of the National Bar Association.   I will continue to place a high priority on the professional development of NBA members through quality CLE’s and Webinars, business development for our members, and listening to needs of our young lawyers. 


NBA Police Misconduct and Justice Task Force


Vice President, Membership, Executive Committee of the National Bar Association


Vice President, Regions and Affiliates, Executive Committee of the National Bar Association


Member of Fundraising and New Orleans Convention Committee


2 Year Board Member at Large, Executive Committee of the National Bar Association


Chairperson, Rapid Response Committee – Hurricane Harvey


Received the President’s Award from NBA President Kevin Judd


Member of Rapid Response Committee


Received the President’s Award from NBA President Pamela Meanes


Received the Ad hoc Committee of the Year Award from President Pamela Meanes


Chairperson NBA Criminal Law Section


Advisor to Board of the Charles Houston Bar Association


Advisor to California Association of Black Lawyers



Member of the American Bar Association Criminal Justice Standards Committee (2020)

Advisor to the State Bar of California Criminal Law Section Executive Committee (2018)

Past President of the Bay Area Black Prosecutors Association (2015)

Member of the California Association of Black Lawyers

Member of the Oakland NAACP

Member of UC Berkeley Black Alumni Association

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

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