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Criminal Justice Reform

In the American criminal justice system, wealth—not culpability—shapes outcomes. Many people charged with crimes lack the resources to investigate cases or obtain the help they need, leading to wrongful convictions and excessive sentences, even in capital cases.

Racial disparities persist at every level from misdemeanor arrests to executions. The “tough on crime” policies that led to mass incarceration are rooted in the belief that black and brown people are inherently guilty and dangerous—and that belief still drives excessive sentencing policies today. More incarceration doesn’t reduce violent crime.  Using prisons to deal with poverty and mental illness makes these problems worse. People leave overcrowded and violent jails and prisons more traumatized, mentally ill, and physically battered than they went in.

Today, nearly 10 million Americans—including millions of children—have an immediate family member in jail or prison. More than 4.5 million Americans can’t vote because of a past conviction, and each year we lose $87 billion in GDP due to mass incarceration. 

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Criminal Justice Legislation

The National Bar Association is committed to combating injustices through efforts to support and promote legislative and executive action to achieve real and substantive criminal justice reform. This includes supporting expanded open record requests, body cameras worn by police, record expungement and sealing, and dismantling the mechanisms of the mass incarceration of African Americans. 

Suggested legislative bills:

  • Mandatory De-escalation Training
  • Mandatory reporting of all police officer use of force
  • Require Independent Investigation of all police officer use of force resulting in death
  • Mandatory record keeping and reporting of race and gender of all police stops and arrests
  • Require all Use of Force Training include de-escalation training

Stop the Pipe-line-to-Prison

Children threatened by abuse, neglect, violence, racial bias, and poverty are usually ignored – unless they do something violent.  We must support removing police officers from Junior High and High Schools.


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Moving Forward With Vision and Leadership