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Moving Forward with Vision and Leadership

Increase NBA Membership

The NBA mission includes protecting the civil rights of the African American community, as our members have recently shown, in representing the families of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbrey, and Breanna Taylor. Americans have shown they are beginning to understand the impact “systemic racism” and police brutality has on daily lives of African Americans.  We believe Corporate America will support an initiative based on bringing greater equality to all areas of American life.  The Corporate Fundraising Campaign can also be a continuation of the NBA’s current “Capital Campaign.”  We must effectively plan and strategize to take full advantage of the current environment calling for change.

This will require identifying how much money we intend to raise, and what budget and resources we have to accomplish our goals.  We must run the fundraiser like a small business.  Create a written project plan that spells out our goals and outlines roles and responsibilities.     

Service to Our Members

The foundation of our Bar Association is our members; we must continue to provide our members with opportunities to enhance their legal knowledge with quality educational programming.   Our members face growing challenges as we all face a changing economic environment.  We will give great focus to providing enhanced job and business resources to our members—especially solo practitioners and small firms, that make up 76 percent of all U.S. lawyers.  We will work with our Solo and Small Firms Section, to provide their members with improved marketing resources, and enhanced use of technology in managing their practices.  We will provide all our members with new and exciting benefits that encompass, research services, and travel and entertainment benefit packages.


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We are at a critical time in American history and if this country is going to finally realize its promise, it is going to be with the assistance of black lawyers and the NBA needs to remain at the forefront of that change. In order to do that, the NBA needs a leader who can bring together our best and brightest from all areas of the legal industry. Terry Wiley is that leader. Terry and I worked together to build bonds between the NBA and leading tech companies in Silicon Valley which helped secure over $100,000 in new financial commitments to the NBA. If he is elected NBA President-Elect, I'm confident that his combination of integrity, hard work, and vision will bring increased financial commitments allowing the NBA to reach new heights as one of the leading bar associations in the world.

Jaron Shipp | Facebook | Associate General Counsel | Law Enforcement & Security

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Moving Forward With Vision and Leadership